Rapid Application (Less than 50 hours*)

Part        Description
A             Problem Definition
               1. Determine scope and scale of project
               2. Define business metrics to assess impact; collect baseline data
               3. Walk the flow, understand the business
               4. See the issues; perform analysis; determine approach and tools to apply
B           Training and Problem Analysis
              Note: session kick off by Plant Manger/Business Owner
              1. Identify issues
              2. Determine root cause
              3. Determine appropriate counter measures
              4. Perform reality check
C           Implementation and Follow Up
             1. Communication/training plan
             2. Implementation of project countermeasures
             3. Feedback and data collection
             4. Define roles and responsibilities of those involved with change
*Focused events can be delivered to fit your business needs (as quickly as a few weeks) based on the compelling needs of your company.