Short Term Application (50 to 200 HOURS)

Part        Description

A             Business Assessment
               1. Review compelling business need for change
               2. Confirm management commitment for change
               3. Walk the flow, understand the business
               4. See the issues; determine which tools to apply
B            Lean Overview Training
              Note: session kick off by Plant Manger/Business Owner to describe the
compelling need

               to improve the business and why this training and improvement initiative are being pursued
              1. Learn the key methodologies/concepts/tools of Lean
              2. Present Lean Leadership - creating a learning organization role of leaders in change, 

​              cultural/behavioral requirements
              3. Develop eyes for waste and flow; walk the shop floor
C           Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Improvement Selection
              1. Define initial product/product family to target improvements
              2. Create Current State (CS) VSM; identify waste, business opportunities
              3. Define "ideal" Future State (FS) VSM
              4. Select specific improvements (see 'F' below), create 6 - 12 month FS VSM
D           Lean Leadership - Creating a Learning Organization
             1. Teach the roles of leaders; discuss application of concepts
             2. Define roles and responsibilities in sustaining change
             3. Create implementation process for change
             4. Plan for improvement event
E          5S - Getting Started
             1. Identify meaningful improvements to work place organization and design
             2. Define process to "standardize" and "sustain" the change
             3. Define roles and responsibilities to make 5S part of daily habit
             4. Implement, standardize and sustain process
F          Improvement Process Execution - implement project number one from VSM
            1. Train the improvement leader
             2. Define project scope, scale, boundaries, team members
             3. Collect baseline data
             4. Apply kaizen process 
G         Improvement Event Follow up
            1. Ensure team leader manages kaizen newspaper to completion 
            2. Implement Plan-Do-Check-Act process for process changes/improvements
            3. Ensure training matrix is complete, new process is followed
            4. Verify improvements are delivering intended results to bottom line